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Our WiseGuys listen and can meet your needs with all the personality and expertise you’d expect from a group of seasoned (and sometimes funny, we do have our moments) IT pros.

If you don’t believe us,
ask our customers. They flock to our WiseGuys when they fly in the door (pun intended), excited to receive quality in-person resolutions. They trust in our combined 20+ years of network consulting experience. Their businesses thrive because of our ongoing commitment to learning and efficient system management. They rely on our industry certifications in products from Microsoft, Citrix, Novell, IBM, HP, and Dell.

Our WiseGuys are more than a group of pretty faces. They have experience working with business networks, laptops, desktops, email systems and almost every kind of software: accounting, design, law enforcement…

We could go on and on. Find out for yourself.

Contact us to find how a Wise Guy can make your organization run more efficiently and securely.


  • Troubleshooting 
  • Equipment set-up
  • Security
  • Network maintenance
  • Equipment integration
  • ​More


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Computer errors. Unwanted pop-ups and viruses. Slow computers and networks that waste time and sabotage productivity. A vulnerable network to ransomware and other security hacks. An outdated and under-performing phone system. Not enough time for troubleshooting computer issues and system maintenance.


WiseGuy IT is a full-service computer troubleshooting and system maintenance firm that employs experienced pros that can meet all your organizational needs and exceed your expectations. Our WiseGuys can offer what other large IT firms can’t: prompt in-person service for your minor computer issues and maintenance and fast response times for those unexpected emergencies. (Sometimes we feel as nocturnal as our mascot! We’re way better looking though.)

We can do all that and offer preventative solutions that protect your network and your bottom line.
Contact us for long-term and hassle-free service for you and your employees (at one of all of your business locations). Or hire us on an as-needed basis for computer, phone, and network problems and maintenance.